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Why Have Your Business Office Professionally Managed?

  • SAVINGS -- For most practices, the cost of our service equates to what the doctors are paying in business office salaries alone. (We pay for forms, computers, toll calls, electronic claims, postage, envelopes, etc.)
  • MORE INCOME -- Our fee is normally based on a percentage of collections, which guarantees our incentive to perform.
  • EXPERIENCE -- We have been managing physician accounts receivables for the past 25 years. With this experience we have honed our collection skills so our clients benefit from better collections. Call us for references in almost every specialty.
  • FOLLOW-UP -- For most offices, there is no time left in the day for delinquent accounts follow-up. We have a team of follow-up people that are dedicated to identifying and contacting delinquent accounts.
  • TELEPHONE CALLS -- Some insurance companies/patients wait until they get a telephone call to make payment. We proactively make those phone calls.
  • FEE SCHEDULE -- We will help you establish a fee schedule that will not frighten patients away and will accept all that an insurance company is willing to pay.
  • SECONDARY INSURANCE -- Some secondary insurance companies have a time limit to file, so we paper claim all secondary insurance.
  • ELECTRONIC CLAIMS -- We have staff dedicated to transmitting and correcting electronic claims.
  • BALANCING -- Most practices have little or no computer integrity controls. Our monthly checks insure that all our clients' charges and payments are entered accurately.
  • MONTHLY MEETINGS -- We encourage monthly client meetings to discuss: changes/payments, problems with individual patients/insurance companies, and delinquent accounts.
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