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Robert Anderson
It is difficult, if not impossible, for a 1-3 person business office to manage a program of consistent telephone calls to insurance companies/patients. Once the business office enters charges, payments, transmits insurance claims and takes telephone calls, there is no time left to call insurance companies/patients. Hiring a person only for follow-up is cost-prohibitive for most practices.

For most practices, our fee equates to what the practice is paying in business office salaries alone. By utilizing our service, the practice saves on employee salaries, benefits, payroll taxes, computers, software, toll calls, postage, envelopes, electronic claim fees, and all other items relating to the business office. Our fee is normally based on a percentage of collections, which guarantees our incentive to perform.

Bob Anderson is the president and owner of Professionals' Business Management of Overland Park, Kansas. Since 1986 he has worked to create a business dedicated to making the complex business of medicine simple..

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